At birth this clan has a special breed of insects implanted into them. These insects are known as kikaichu. They feed off their hosts chakra and use their body as a hive, the host may also have a container or gourd full of them to provide a larger army. The host also gets to use them to protect themselves,track somebody, or go on e offensive. The Aburame also have an extremely secret insect within their clan as well known as Nano-sized Venomous insects. These insects can not survive without having contact with host chakra, this limits the range of e techniques, but greatly increases the power, adding in a very painful neurotoxin that eats away at the opponents body and nerves causing excruciating pain. In addition the skin of e host will turn purple when he is using them to attack, but they must strip that area of clothing, for the Nano's can not work threw the hosts clothing, but they can bypass enemy clothing and armor by eating away at it. The Aburame are normally characterized by wearing sunglasses or goggles to hide their eyes and normally have most if not all of their body concealed by clothing.


- A very low chakra level due to the insects feeding off of it

- Normally quiet and reserved


- Naturally intelligent

- Exceptional tracking capabilities

- Large attack radius

Clan members