The Akimichi clan being one based strongly around family holds this as a high regard. This effect often branched out towards others as seen with their bond between the Nara and Yamanaka clans. Upon becoming a genin a young member of the families main house hold must swear upon an oath to protect both the aforementioned families with their life. As a clan they posses large quantities of chakra, this can be seen by the relative amount of body fat that have as they draw their chakra from the overall calories. An increase in both body fat and calories can lead to an increase in the chakra reserve. This method of chakra storage and use allows them to use partial body transformation techniques. With this they can change specific body parts or the entire body over all to gain an advantage in combat. Whether powerful or not the use of said techniques draws heavily on the users chakra as it consumes large amounts of the bodies calories to maintain the state for long periods of time. As such the clan holds three color-coded food pills, each holding an after-effect more dangerous then the last as they draw out every bit of body fat the consumer has. Should all three be consumed it can leave the body in an anorexic state and lead to death shortly after.


- Slow physical movement do to high amounts of body fat.

- Limited chakra source.

-The need to feed to regain chakra.


-Emense physical durability do to body mass.

- Great team skills.

- Hidden potential.

Current members