Those born into the Hozuki clan are given the innate ability of hydrification. In simplest terms the wielders of the clans Kekkei genkai can freely morph their bodies into various liquid states, some even capable of taking on a more oily like substance. Overall little is known about the clan and it's members other then their inherent affinity with water based jutsu. Their own kekkei genaki allowing them to produce some of which non-clan members could never perform. Normally skilled in a wide area of techniques be it the infamous Hidden mist jutsu of Kirigakure or the mastery of kirigakure blades. With the clan as a whole the posses great power though with not a great cost. To maintain the ability of hydrification the clansmen must maintain a level of hydration at all times, normally a water bottle or gourd is seen with a clan member at all time.


-The need to remain hydrated at all times.

-Arrogance in the face of an enemy


- Flexible Kekkei genkai

- Innate natural talent