Considered to be one of the most powerful families in Konohagakure, the members of the Hyuga clan wield an optical jutsu know as the Byakugan as their kekkei genkai. This alongside the clans special taijutsu " Gental Fist art" which allows them to impede the flow of chakra, makes them a deadly counterpart to cross. With the ability to see in a three-hundred-sixty degree radius around their bodies, the flow of chakra along with the chakra networks of whoever they gaze upon, as well as seeing through most physical objects. It is said that aside from the clans Dojutsu they have a secondary kekkei gankai. The ability to expel chakra from all the bodies tenketsu. Though the latter as yet to be confirmed within the means of a kekkei genkai. With their somewhat telescopic they are know to see vast distances, though how far varies among members. The only know weakness linked to the enhanced field of vision is located at the back of the neck, just above the third thoracic vertebra.


- A small blind spot located just at the back of the neck.

- Lack of family unity among the clan branches. ( E.g the lesser branches being treated as laborers.)


- Impeccable eye sight.

- A unique taijutsu style, considered to be the strongest in Konoha. - The ability to expel chakra from any given point on the body.

Clan members