Kusagakure is located in a thus far unnamed country. It can be assumed that Kusugakure and Konohagakure are allies. Although it has never been named, the country Kusagakure is located in has been shown on several occasions. The country is rich with forests, some consisting of giant mushrooms or bamboo. It also seems to have many rivers and deep ravines.

Kusagakure is skilled in diplomacy, a trait they constantly use to read the movements of other countries and stay one step ahead of them. They also analyse techniques from other villages in a similar manner. Because of these principles others find it hard to read the shinobi from this village's attitudes

Village SymbolEdit

100px-Kusagakure Symbol.svg

Village MembersEdit

Head Member: Aburame Heishi

Member 1:((Currently Vacant))

Member 2:((Currently Vacant))

Member 3:((Currently Vacant))

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Member 5:((Currently Vacant))