The nara clan holds a strong family orientation, much like that of the Akimichi clan. Upon reaching the rank of genin a nara clansmen swears upon an oath to protect both his own clan and those of the Akimichi and Yamanaka. As per tradition it is a common sight to see one of each clansmen to be placed on the same. With the ability to manipulate shadows increases those of the nara clans reach and methods of attack. The shadows capable of both offense and defense make them a well around technique, though often used for binding a target in place. Such is the use in the age old tradition of the INA - SHIKA- CHO formation. A tactic passed down by the aforementioned clans as a bond of friendship. Though second to none with intelligence the men and women of the Nara clan are natural leaders often seen giving militaristic advice as well as instructional advice. Thus making them best at what they do, though what they make up in mental power they lack in stamina as their shadows can only be used for a very limited time and range, though this can be improved with both training and other shadows to extend ones reach even further.


- Lack of range at an early stage in training.

- lack of stamina at an early stage in training.


- Intelligence

- Knowledge of herbal medicines.

- The capability to seal a target with shadows.

Clans men