Similar to that of the Nara and Akimichi clans the Yamanaka forms a life long bond upon reaching genin rank. Like the generations before them they must up hold the clans traditions of team work with the aforementioned clans. The Yamanaka clan are not only well known as sensory/ telepathics but as gardeners. Often holding down a flower shop in the village of residence (Konoha). With the ability to not only read minds but to transfer their consciousness the Yamanaka clan are well known as sensory and intelligence gathering ninja. Often the operators behind interrogations as well. Though their jutsu is universal for the most part, some techniques leave the user immobilized.


- Unable to move when certain jutsu's are cast.

- Range from target

- Needs a teammate either one or two to use jutsu.


-Mind control

-Genjutsu breaking skills

- Telepathic communication

Clan member